Giving our students a variety of experiences and opportunities to learn is a major part of our program, allowing for different learning styles of the students. Through personally participating in enrichment activities and hands on experiences along with exposure to various mediums, we believe children can practice their skills and develop more wholly, learning key concepts that carry over into their academics.


Music and Arts

Nurturing and Developing God-Given Talents

Gardere Community Christian School students are involved in the arts every day! They enjoy music class with Ms. Paris Daniels where there glorify God through music. Lessons include music theory and simple instruments as well as preparing for performances. Art lessons in class give students the opportunity to express themselves through multiple mediums.

Health/Physical Education

Every day, we stress the benefits of a healthy body through various programs. We offer healthy breakfasts and lunches at which we discuss healthy food choices and proper table manners. All students participate in physical education several times a week, strengthening their muscles and staying fit. Coach Mia Allen teaches weekly classes about fitness and healthy lifestyles, teaching the students not only about nutrition but also how to create nutritious snacks and meals.


Student Service Opportunities

Students are taught that everyday is an opportunity to serve others. They each participate in responsibilities that help make the community of our school and their classroom successful. We help students build an understanding that people can plan, organize, make decisions, and practice actions for the common good. The hope is that they then translate that in ways they can serve others at home. We also emphasize serving others in the community. We encourage our students to grow in faith in God, hope and love so they in turn are able to encourage their family, friends and neighbors.


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