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Troubled by the poor educational choices in Baton Rouge for low income and poverty level families, Nancy Zito prayed for how she could help. God began to lay on her heart the need for a school that promoted academic excellence while also integrating Christian faith in all areas of learning. Sensing the same needs, others joined Nancy and together founded Gardere Community Christian School. God continues to bring people together to make the school possible.

You too can be a part of this exciting endeavor. We depend on the giving of time, talent, and treasure in order to provide for Gardere Community Christian School. Get involved by volunteering your time, monetarily donating, or praying for our amazing students and our school.



Opportunities for Volunteering

Our wonderful volunteers put in over 2,500 hours of service annually. We are very thankful for their dedication, love, hard work, and commitment. Our volunteers play a vital role and are a key to the success of the school and our programs.  It is because of the volunteers that we can offer many experiences to the children that our staff alone could never be able to offer.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Roles

As we continue to grow, the need for volunteers is even greater.  Below is a brief description of the volunteer opportunities available for you to serve.

Reception Desk/Office Volunteers

Welcome and direct all visitors and volunteers entering the school while monitoring hallway activity.

Breakfast Volunteers

Help serve breakfast and clean up. Teach students proper manners and discussion habits.

Lunch Volunteers

Help serve lunch and clean up. Teach students proper manners and discussion habits.

Playground/Indoor Recess Volunteers

Help supervise recess time alongside our PE Coach. Push a child on the swings, cheer on a child around the playground equipment, play games, or teach sports activities and be there to help ensure student safety.


Lead fun and games or reading activities with lower grades or assist with tutoring and speacial programs for 2nd - 5th graders.

One-to-One Mentor Volunteers

Come spend time one-on-one with a student, sharing your time, hobbies, and interests.

Reading Buddy

Consistently meet one on one with selected students, reading books aloud, playing reading games, and working with phonics.

Count on Me

Each month, collect coins and/or bills and meet with a selected student to count money, reinforce math skills, and donate the collection to GCCS.

Story Time Saturday

Read and facilitate fun activities to GCCS and Gardere neighborhood children on one select Saaturday a month during the shcool year.

For more information and volunteer schedule opportunities, click here.


Pray With Us

We are grateful to the many who are praying for our programs, the school and the children. If you would like to join a prayer group that meets specifically to pray together for us and the Gardere area, contact us.


Join in on the Fun!

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