The goal of Gardere Community Christian School is to make a high-quality, Christian education available to every child and family in the Gardere area, regardless of the financial circumstances of their family.

As a result, even though tuition is a set number, we provide a tuition assistance schedule based on household income and the number of people in the household.

An additional aspect of our school includes parent involvement. Attendance at parent meetings, workshops and volunteer hours are required as part of the admission process and continuing enrollment. We work with each family, helping them take ownership. We create a partnership that is fair to them, the school, and those supporting the school.

Since tuition rates are set at attainable goals for the families, the school’s primary source of funding is from individual donors along with grants, area church’s local missions, and corporate funding.

For more information about funding, contact us.


Family Focused

Our families love to get involved and want to be a part of their children’s academic and spiritual growth. Studies show that parent involvement is key to a child’s success.


Three ways to get involved.


Pray for us. Pray with us.

Those who pray specifically for this school, the children of Baton Rouge, and their families are foundational.


Every dollar impacts a child.

Your financial support is what makes our school and our mission possibly.


2,500 hours of service yearly

Volunteers for our programs play a crucial role in helping our students succeed.